7. Where to Stay & Eat

Port Watson boasts only one commercial inn, The White Flower Motel on China St., a two-storey building with a courtyard owned and operated by an old Taoist "adept", doyen of the Chinese community, Mr. Chang. Single $15 a night, double $25. "Budget" visitors will find huts or rooms for rent in the Slums for as little as two dollars a day, and if all else falls the Bank maintains several free guest-rooms (for visiting financiers, in theory).

China St. is the place to eat, and Port Watson qualifies as a genuine "food trip", as the budget-travelers say. The Yellow Turban Society specializes in Peking and Mongolian cuisine. The Manchu Pretender in Cantonese and Hong Kong (the proprietor claims to be the "lost dauphin" of China!), and The Cinnabar Immortal serves Taoist/Buddhist vegetarian cuisine of the highest quality.

Little cafes and restaurants spring up and vanish in the Slums. Two of the longest-enduring are The Crowbar Club, which specializes in sea food, and a hamburger stand called "McBakunin's"! The Drugstore serves coffee and pastry, among other things.

The Bank maintains an American-style cafeteria which is cheap and popular, nicknamed The Willie Sutton Bar & Grill. Market days in the bazaar are also feast-days, with numerous entrepreneurs selling everything from homemade coconut cake to imported truffles.

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