9. Nightlife & Recreation

Just as the Watsonians created their own "Slums," so also they have their own "red-light district"--not from any economic necessity but simply because they enjoy sloth and vice. After dark, Godown St. becomes a den of iniquity and doesn't close till dawn. Night-trippers start with a meal in China St., move on to the Cannibal Cafe for coffee, thence to Euphoria (a casino), The Johann Most Memorial Dance Hall (a rock palace), Bishop Sin's Massage Parlor (the closest thing to a brothel in Sonsorol), The Unrepentant Faggot (a gay bar), Cafe' Voltairine (a lesbian club), Eat The Rich! (a late-nite snackbar) and other short-lived fancifully-named dives. Usually these clubs consist of no more than a ramshackle lean-to in an alley between two warehouses painted in lurid colors and perhaps boasting a dadaesque neon sign. Visitors take note: you're not exactly risking your life on Godown St., but one never knows (so to speak) what's in the punch. Watsonians need never pine for the insanity of big city life: it's all concentrated here--without a single policeman to restrain the madness. As one grafitto in the (co-ed) toilet at the Cannibal Cafe puts it: "After midnight the Social Contract is cancelled! (signed) The Lord of Misrule."

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